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The American River Bike Trail

The American River Bike Trail (Also known as the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail)

This trail sports some of the most beautiful, varied landscape in the Sacramento area, and also gives cyclists the option to complete the full 32 mile length, or turn off onto one of its many adjacent paths. You can find some of the best bike paths Sacramento can offer in this network of trails.

In 2006, designated the American River Bike Trail to be the "Number One Bike Path". There are shady picnic areas and, while horses are not allowed on the paved path, you may catch a glimpse of them with their riders when they cross one of the dirt trails for their use. The American River Bike Trail is a nice step away from day-to-day city life.

If you’d like to print or request a paper map from Trail Link, Click Here.
While Biker Bar is not responsible for the care and maintenance of Sacramento’s trail systems, we are thrilled to bring as many people as possible into the world of joy we’ve found in using these trails ourselves. If you need help getting equipment, accessories, directions, or advice, call Biker Bar at (916) 241-9038 today!

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