Professional Bike Repair and Regular Cycle Servicing in Sacramento, CA

As a greater Sacramento area resident, you may not realize how close you are to a nearby bike mechanic shop that can take your current wheels from gathering dust to ready and raring to ride. When you put your bike in the hands of one of our bike service and repair specialists, we can do exactly that. Not only do we offer top quality service to your bike, we can even come to you, pick up your bike, bring it to the shop, tune it up, and return it to you.
Call 916-866-8006 for details and pricing for pick-up.
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Have an old bike collecting dust? Before you scrap a bike you’ve really enjoyed, consider some quick bike repair and bicycle servicing to bring that old bike up to scratch--saving you money, reducing waste, and supporting sustainable practices. 

If your bike is in need of a tune-up, overhaul, or just some component-specific attention from the gears not working well, to the suspension fork or rear shock needing to be serviced- dropper post, brakes, shifters, flat tires, or non-functioning shifters, etc. Bring it in for an evaluation.

Service Offerings

Safety Check


Bolt check
Brake adjustments
Tire pressure check or top off
Test ride

Bronze Tune up


Basic cleaning and lubrication.
Adjustment of hubs, bottom bracket, headset.
Wheel truing, dish and tension check.
Brake adjustments F&R.
Derailleur adjustments F&R.
Nut and bolt safety check.
Inflate tires to appropriate pressure.
Road Test

Silver Tune up


(Includes standard cables and housing)
Detailed cleaning  and lubrication.
Removal, cleaning and reinstallation of drivetrain components.
Adjustment of hubs, headset, bottom bracket (or replacement).
Wheel truing F&R, dish and tension check.
Brake adjustments F&R.
Derailleur adjustments F&R.
Nut and bolt safety check.
Tire pressure check and inflation to proper pressure.
Replace all cables and housing.
Upgrade Shift AND Brake cables/housing to Polymer for $50

Gold Tune up


All of the above services
Brake fluid replacement and bleed F&R
Software/Firmware check/update

Platinum Tune up


All of the above services
Hub overhauls F&R
Fork service (clean, replace oil, seals and wipers)
Shock service (air sleeve seal replacement and lubrication)
Install new drivetrain components at no labor charge
Upgraded cables and housing

*Bikes with internal routing are $25 additional charge.
**E-bikes $50 additional charge

• A comprehensive inspection process
• Flat tire repair
• Bike chain replacement
• Gear shifter repair
• Fix bike chain (slipped a gear)
• Spoke repair or replace broken spoke
• Bicycle tire repair 
• Bike saddle repair
• Fix bike brakes (front and rear)
• Bike tune-up



Once you’re all set with your ride, or even while it’s in the shop, and you’d like to explore the greater Sacramento area or the nearby American River Bike Trail with dates, friends, out-of-town guests, or relatives who don’t have working bikes, Biker Bar also offers rentals for all of you! Click here for more details.
The Greater Sacramento Area (Elk Grove to Pleasant Grove and Rosemont to Folsom) is full of sites to see and activities to experience by bicycle. Call
916-241-9038 for details on how to get you back outdoors. We’ll see you out there!
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Some additional, local and not so local cycling hot spots: Auburn (confluence), Salmon Falls, Cronan Ranch (S.F.A.R.T, Skunk Hollow), Browns Ravine, Granite Bay, Tahoe, Downieville, Folsom, Rescue, Fair Oaks, Gold River, Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights.

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